Acro Classes

The Benefits of
Acro Dance

Acro dance is a dance form which combines gymnastic skills with jazz dance. Students will strengthen the body and increase flexibility in order to perform acrobatic and gymnastic tricks such as bridges, walkovers, flips, and partner assisted balances. Acro Dance builds dancers’ strength, style, and confidence while working on musicality and the ability to pick up choreography and connect steps and skills together with fun, upbeat music.

Recreational Acro 5YRS+

We offer a warm, welcoming environment where our highly trained, professional instructors encourage the dancers to improve their technique in every class. Dancers who train in acro have a balanced development, are stronger, more flexible and fearless.  With the use of proper progressions, in-class training contributes to injury prevention and a strong foundation for dancers who can follow progressions to work up to the big tricks, while maintaining their strength and flexibility training.


Meet Our amazing Dance Teachers

Our highly trained, professional instructors encourage the dancers to improve their technique every class and inspire them to express their emotions through dance movement.

Ms Lea and her fabulous team of dance teachers and office staff are warm, welcoming and always smiling! They have created a positive learning environment where kids of all ages feel supported, encouraged and able to do anything!

Karon Livingstone-Hentsch

Lea Creswell and her staff inspire students to strive for excellence and to be the best version of themselves everyday.

Larissa Rowland

Miss Lea and her incredible team of talented instructors work very hard to bring out the best in every student. Their passion, enthusiasm and love of dance has inspired many students to thrive in a positive, friendly and confident building environment.

Lisa Sipes

Lea is always enthusiastic, flexible and accommodating to the needs of families and ALWAYS teaches with a smile on her face!

Victoria Macpherson

This is an amazing studio!! Not only do they produce beautiful technical dancers, but also a warm and nurturing environment. My girls love it here!!

Donna Christo